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The evil grids of planet gridulon have descended upon the peace-loving spheres of planet pong and only you can save them, with your trusty paddle, from bouncing back down into the lava and melting into a puddle of goo. Survive each of nine levels for the time limit to save the world! 3D Pong Extreme is a single player pong game (3D "Jai alai" extreme or 3D Breakout extreme might be more accurate) has beautiful graphics, an original soundtrack, and sound effects. Control with mouse or keyboard. Breakout blocks, power-ups, power-downs, and multiple balls at a time make it more challenging. Full install/uninstall support, and a settings utility allow you to set the screen resolution (supports hd/widescreen video modes) and color depth that works best for you, or turn sound effects, music, or mouse support off.


Actual in-game screenshot from 3D Pong Extreme
Actual in-game screenshot


Download setup-3d_pong_extreme_1_7_0.exe (22 mb) to install and play now!

Compatible with all versions of Windows. Requires OpenGL compatible video card.

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All programming, graphics, music, and sound effects (except lava hissing sound) by Matt Gulden


Change Log (back to top)

2014-11-30: Version 1.6 Released

  • Added 3d explosion animation to blocks


2014-08-16: Version 1.5 Released

  • Removed internet access requirement to play game


2014-05-20: Version 1.4 Released

  • Added a different grid texture to each level
  • Added translucency to balls' motion trails
  • Slowed down balls on level 3
  • Created "Save and Launch" and "Save and Exit" buttons in Settings application, replacing "OK" button.
  • Made option in installer to launch Settings application when installer is finished.
  • Fixed powerup/powerdown running out when game paused
  • Fixed ball direction changing when paddle or drunkenness powerups/powerdowns run out


2014-04-19: Version 1.3 Released

  • Added "Breakout"/"arkanoid"-style blocks
  • Added "Mildly drunk" powerdown
  • Added widescreen video modes
  • Fixed Powerup/powerdown not turning off after time period
  • Reduced powerup availability time
  • Reduced length and echo of bounce sound effect, powerup/powerdown sound effects
  • Reduced length of power up/down effect time on level 1
  • Added "paused" text when paused


2014-03-16: Version 1.2 Released

  • Implemented ad system
  • Stopped zoom in/out from continuing while paused
  • Fixed crash on pause when music is off bug

2014-03-04: Version 1.1 Released

  • Limited number of lives added
  • 3D font added to display level number and lives left
  • Sound effects for power-up and power-down added
  • "You lose" and "you win" messages using 3d font added
  • Fixed ball getting stuck colliding with ceiling
  • Zoom out and zoom in behaviors added on game start and when life lost
  • And other various fixes and touch-ups