Autolycus is repetitive task automation software for Windows. Tasks are run by executing scripts, composed in a text editor. The language is simple, intuitive, and has commands for the following:

  • Send keystrokes
  • Click left/middle/right mouse button at specified coordinates
  • Wait for period of time
  • Launch program
  • Set focus, Maximize, or Minimize program by process name (ie- "Notepad")
  • Kill process by name
  • Open web browser to address
  • Zip or Unzip files
  • Copy or Move files
  • Upload or Download files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • Loop points that will run any number of the above commands contained within them:
    • Loop a specified number of times, or infinitely
    • Loop for each file in a folder, Autolycus provides current file name as a variable
    • Loop for each line in a file, Autolycus provides current line of text as a variable

See the Autolycus Language Specifications for a complete listing of commands and variables.

Please contact us if you are interested in using this software.